Research shows that 8 out of 10 new projects / businesses fail in the first two years of operation. Therefore, we put our customer's interest first and we assist our clients through the start up period in the following ways.

Preparation or review of feasibility studies covering the four main parts which are (Marketing, Management, Technical & Financial).
Preparation of Market studies covering various products and services in the Saudi / Regional markets. The market studies are prepared by professionals who can determine demand, supply, market gap, marketing strategies, pricing, promotional activities, distribution strategies and competitor's analysis. All market studies are based on a comprehensive market research, questionnaire analysis and field survey.
We offer customized guidance and coaching to entrepreneurs in which professional and experienced consultants play mentoring roles. The objective is to assist in speeding up the learning process on start up steps such as business plan, business plan execution & fundraising from private banks, public funding agencies and private investors.
Grow is a restructuring module that covers the business operations. It is divided into diagnostic & restructuring phases. We also customize a set of managerial, Human Resources and financial policies & procedures for new or existing businesses along with coaching of staff for the proper implementation.